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At Tabat, Cohen, Blum, Yovino & Diesa, PC, we are Long Island domestic violence attorneys who advocate for victims of abuse. In situations where someone is being hurt by a spouse, a family member or someone else close to them, our New York lawyers look for the best ways to stop additional harm from occurring. From our offices in Garden City and Hauppauge, we have a combined 150 years of experience that we use to offer trustworthy legal counsel for individuals dealing with any form of domestic violence. 

Knowledgeable New York attorneys handle cases involving various offenses

Throughout Nassau and Suffolk counties, our team of Long Island family law attorneys is dedicated to securing legal protection for individuals who have been victimized by, or threatened with, some type of domestic violence, including:

  • Assault — Spousal abuse or an act of violence committed by an intimate partner whom you’re not married to should be taken very seriously. After learning how you were mistreated, we petition for appropriate relief to help avert another assault.    
  • Stalking and harassment — Repeated behavior designed to annoy or harass is illegal and might be a sign that more extreme misconduct is to come. If you’re being targeted by a stalker, an experienced New York lawyer can help.   
  • Sexual misconduct — No matter what type of relationship exists or existed between the parties, unwanted sexual contact can cause lasting physical and emotional harm.

For more than 30 years, we have been committed to helping our clients live in peace, and we stand ready to pursue as much protection for domestic violence victims as is available under the law.  

Litigators outline the process required to obtain a restraining order

Though criminal laws are designed to prevent illegal behavior, sometimes circumstances warrant extra precautions to prevent an attack by someone who is a known threat. If you or someone you love is in danger of being victimized by domestic violence, we can take immediate action to seek an order of protection tailored to the given situation. These directives usually order the subject to stay a certain distance away from the individual seeking the order, and might also prevent other types of contact, such as phone calls and online messages. You can obtain a temporary order even before the judge fully evaluates the facts of the case. From there, we explain the threat that exists to the court in an attempt to establish a permanent order that typically lasts for one year, but can be extended. 

Firm details potential penalties for protective order violations

Violating an order of protection constitutes criminal contempt in New York, which can be charged along with any other crime that might have occurred when the abuser came into contact with the victim. If an injury occurred or a weapon was used, a felony criminal contempt charge is warranted, which could lead to a significant period of incarceration. A violation without any aggravating factors is a Class A misdemeanor, potentially punishable by up to a year in jail.

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Tabat, Cohen, Blum, Yovino & Diesa, PC represents clients throughout Long Island in legal matters relating to allegations of domestic violence. Please call 631-587-5100 or contact us online for a consultation. Our offices are in Garden City and Hauppauge. 

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