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Many factors can motivate spouses to remain married even though they no longer wish to live together. If you’re considering this option, working with a knowledgeable legal separation attorney in Long Island can help you understand the relevant process and reach a suitable agreement. With offices in Garden City and Hauppauge, Tabat, Cohen, Blum, Yovino & Diesa, PC has delivered comprehensive counsel on legal separation for more than 30 years. Whether you choose to remain legally wed for religious reasons, due to financial concerns or because you believe a reconciliation might be possible, our firm is prepared to safeguard your interests during discussions over property, spousal support and parenting terms. 

Thorough advisers assist with custody and financial issues for parties

Sometimes referred to as “separation from bed and board,” New York allows one party to seek separation on similar fault grounds that exist for divorce, such as adultery, abandonment, cruelty and imprisonment for at least three years. You can also reach a separation agreement with your spouse and file it with the court. When you work with one of our firm’s legal separation attorneys, we’ll take the time to develop a detailed strategy to address key issues such as: 

  • Parenting plans — No matter what led to the decision to live apart, our firm strives to minimize the disruption experienced by our client’s children. During discussions relating to custody, visitation and child support, we focus on what’s in your son or daughter’s best interests so they can have a supportive environment during a tough time.  
  • Financial terms — A husband or wife who is on their spouse’s medical insurance plan can keep that coverage during the period of separation. However, discussions might need to take place regarding spousal maintenance payments, particularly if most or all of the household income is earned by one party.
  • Residential matters — Frequently, the family home is the most valuable asset of a married couple. When spouses no longer reside together, it can be tricky to decide who gets to remain in the home and what consideration should go to the departing spouse. We work to find creative solutions that maximize the likelihood for harmonious relations going forward.   

Our family lawyers in Nassau and Suffolk counties will explain how long the process might take if your partner is opposed to the separation and will advocate for a separation document that protects you and your children. It’s important to remember that you cannot marry again while separated and that enforcing the terms of a separation arrangement might be more complicated than it would be with a divorce order.

Effective lawyers guide parties toward reconciliation or dissolution

For many New York couples, legal separation is an intermediate step on the way to divorce. Often, the terms that govern the separation are incorporated into the final divorce order. Accordingly, we handle these issues with an eye on clients’ short- and long-term interests. Should you decide to divorce but seek an adjustment to the language in your separation agreement relating to alimony, custody or child support, one of our Long Island mediation attorneys can help you determine if guidance from a qualified third party will help you reach a proper resolution.

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Tabat, Cohen, Blum, Yovino & Diesa, PC handles legal separations and other family law concerns for clients in Nassau and Suffolk counties. To schedule an appointment, please call 631-587-5100 or contact us online for an initial consultation. We have locations in Garden City and Hauppauge. 

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