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Breaking up a marriage is tough when children are involved, but working with a proven Long Island family law attorney can help you develop an appropriate child custody plan. Serving clients in Nassau and Suffolk counties for decades, Tabat, Cohen, Blum, Yovino & Diesa, PC is a capable, compassionate law firm. We have offices in Garden City and Hauppauge where we counsel parents on the best way to establish a positive environment and maintain strong parent-child bonds.

Skillful lawyers advise on residence, legal authority and visitation terms

After you’ve made the decision to get a divorce, our firm explains the various types of custody issues that must be addressed:

  • Legal custody — Parents must determine who will have legal authority concerning decisions relating to the child’s medical treatment, education and other important issues. This responsibility is often shared.    
  • Physical custody — Deciding where a child should live can trigger serious disagreement. Our firm attempts to provide a thoughtful perspective on the situation that focuses on the well-being of your child.   
  • Primary and joint custody arrangements — Both legal and physical custody can be awarded on a sole or joint basis. As this framework could be in place for many years, we encourage parents to look past temporary disputes and make choices that work best over the long term.   
  • Visitation rights — If one parent is granted primary residential custody, we press to see that the visitation language clearly calls for frequent, meaningful contact between the youth and the noncustodial parent.

For clients in Nassau and Suffolk counties, our attorneys provide comprehensive legal support on custody matters.

Knowledgeable advocates outline factors that determine custody

Judges can review anything they wish to decide what is in a child’s best interests. Certain factors usually come into play, including the child’s relationship with each parent, any potential physical or mental health concerns, educational opportunities, access to other family members and parental fitness. Should the child be old enough to make a mature decision, his or her preference can be considered. However, the judge can overrule the child’s choice. By consulting with a qualified Long Island family law attorney, you can get an idea as to what the critical factors might be in your case. 

Litigators take on relocation disputes and other modification requests

Children and their parents change over time and part of a custody order that might have served everyone well at the time of the divorce could cause a problem later on. Our firm advocates for parents seeking modifications through negotiation or a petition to the court if necessary. These situations can be challenging, particularly when a parent with primary physical custody wants to relocate to an area that makes visitation more difficult for the noncustodial parent. Judges can look at different considerations when evaluating the requests, including the reason for the proposed move, the additional burden on the noncustodial parent and how the new living situation will affect the child. Whether you’re pursuing the modification or opposing it, we take great care to make a compelling argument to the court.

Proven lawyers press for enforcement of existing custody orders

If a parent refuses to honor the terms set forth in the relevant visitation order, then swift, effective action is required to set things right. A noncustodial parent cannot take matters into their own hands by refusing to pay child support until proper visitation is granted. Rather, our firm can submit a petition to enforce visitation terms and work to correct the situation either informally or through a court hearing.  

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