Continued Client

Bob Cohen is smart, savvy and goes the extra mile for his clients. When you call him he will call you back. He is professional, well spoken and very intelligent. He takes the time to check the most current cases to ensure you receive the best advice no matter what area of law. He has patience and for an attorney that’s rare. He explains what the process is no matter what process you are involved in. He can handle anything. Trust Bob.

- Divorce client (5 star review)

Grateful Client

I have known Bob for 5 years. He has helped me with divorce, custody and child support expertly and is versed in other areas as well. He is a zealous advocate who will work hard for you and your children. He does not give up even against the toughest odds. If there is anything he doesn’t know he will learn whatever it is for your case. He will answer your e-mails and your phone calls and tell you what your options are. He will be honest and up-front with you even though it might be painful. He is a scholar, an outstanding attorney and a very caring human being . Those traits are not always easy to find in one attorney. Don’t pass him up or you might find him across the table as your adversary and that will not be a comfortable seat for you.

- Child Custody client (5 star review)

A Flat Out Good Lawyer

Andrew is an experienced divorce/family law litigator and counselor. Smart and very knowledgeable concerning the law. Andrew gives you very direct advice and a realistic view of your case. No sugar coating. You get the “straight scoop” from him. He is very practical and attempts to negotiate resolutions as often as possible. However, when settlement is not possible, Andrew is a very effective advocate in court. Andrew is focused in the courthouse and takes the tough stance when required. He is an excellent lawyer, and a very decent person. I am a local small business owner, and Andrew and his firm are the “go to” resource for people who ask me to recommend a lawyer in the family law field.

Best Divorce Attorney – An excellent experience

I found Andrew through a recommendation from a friend. At that time I had spent the better part of the previous year attempting to go through a mediator. Once the agreement was supposedly finished I had an attorney review it and I was told that I had gotten the worst deal they had ever seen. So I went on the hunt and found Andrew.

From the start Andrew was professional knowledgeable and cared about me as a person. I had what should of been a simple case. Unfortunately my case became complicated purely by the opposing party but Andrew turned the negative into a positive.

Andrew is a pure professional he guided me through the most difficult process one can go through. He advised me on all topics every step of the way. He never rushed me and always took time to explain things to me. Even during the times where it seemed the end was nowhere in sight and books where stacked against me Andrew remained positive. More importantly he kept me focused and my eye towards the end goal. In the end I realize this is the most important trait in a divorce attorney.

RESULTS Andrew got me excellent results. I wound up with a very comprehensive stipulation agreement without having to go through a lengthy trial. I was and still am ecstatic about the results he provided. The stipulation has proven to not be legal jargon but has helped me in every real time situation I have faced thus far.

BILLING Andrew was extremely understanding during the billing process. In NO WAY billed me just to bill. I found him immensely sympathetic to my situation. There were numerous times where he guided me to decisions that helped me save on legal fees. Those type of ethics are simply not present in the legal profession today.

I not only recommend Andrew here, I have also recommended him to family and friends in need of his services. I believe you will not find a better more professional and knowledgeable attorney in this field.

- Rick, a Divorce client (5 star review)

The right guy at the right time! I usually don’t take the time to post stuff like this but upon reflecting on my experience with Gary Tabat and his firm I felt it necessary. After being served divorce papers I was beyond concerned and lost and was not sure where to start and who to turn to. Gary was referred to me by an attorney friend of mine, which in itself is a strong statement. Divorce is not a pretty thing and having an attorney represent you that understands that and cares was very important to me? Gary’s knowledge of divorce law was only surpassed by his genuine and sincere people skills. I was warned by many about lawyers who drags things on and pad their bills. Gary’s approach was about doing what’s right for the kids, me and overall the least expensive conclusion. In my opinion his focus was always on finding a fair and equitable conclusion while protecting my interests and not forgetting my 3 kids. He returned my calls and his office always provided me with what I needed. I highly recommend Gary Tabat and his firm Tabat, Cohen, Blum and Yovino!

- former client, Sal F.

Professional, knowledgeable and great people approach. I am thrilled Gary Tabat and his firm were there for me at a very difficult time in my life. I highly recommend the firm.

- former Divorce client (5 star review)

Matrimonial attorney had a wonderful impact on my life

As I reflected recently on a past divorce, I couldn’t be any happier that I chose Liz and her firm to represent me for a divorce involving custody issues. During a divorce, many lawyers are quick to exploit your emotions with unnecessary work that only increases their bills. Not Liz. She is a calming voice of rational thought, and only escalates matters if/when they are needed. I would call very upset and, rather than suggest crazy legal action, she would help put my concerns at ease and keep me focused on what’s really important. In the end, I received a better settlement that I had hoped for, including custody. I am so thankful I was referred to her firm, and that she was the one assigned to my case. I would recommend her for anyone going through the unfortunate process of divorce.

My one tip: Don’t get fooled by law firms that charge cheaper hourly fees. I had a little sticker shock when it came to the firm’s fees. But in the end, they didn’t pad their bills with ridiculous letters and motions like my ex’s lawyer did (that lawyer charged my ex probably 3x what I paid).

- Divorce client (5 star review)

Alita is the BEST!

I am so impressed with Alita’s skills and knowledge regarding her handling my divorce. She is attentive, professional, and has a way of making a person feel completely at ease in her office when discussing sensitive issues. She immediately responds to my emails and is attentive to my concerns. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

- Laura, a Divorce client (5 star review)

a great attorney

Empathetic, knowledgeable , and professional. Tony is a great communicator. From our first meeting with him, both my wife and I felt comfortable with him. He told us what to expect, and how he was going to proceed with our case. Tony has kept us in loop throughout the entire process. I am very proud to have him as our attorney.

- alfred (5 star review)

Client Review of Attorney, Anthony Yovino

When my Divorce Case needed another Point of View, Mr. Yovino agreed to take on my Case. He is a very knowledgeable Attorney, who has reached out to many sources to get a proper perspective of my Case facts. In addition, I feel that he keeps me informed and only moves forward with the agenda items that need to be addressed.

- Anne, a Divorce client (5 star review)

Dr. Neal Vallins

Tony has been my lawyer for over 2 years. I have found him to be very personal, someone you can talk to at any time . HE is well versed in his field and keeps current with all the changing laws. He has helped me many times when i felt lost and takes his time to explain things to put you at ease. He's actually human which is awesome and never talks above you but with you. I highly recommend Tony, as you will be well taken care of with any issue that he is presented with. AND last his billing his very fair and reasonable .

- neal (5 star review)

Efficient, knowledgeable and cost-conscious matrimonial attorney

Mr. Yovino is smart, cost-conscious, efficient and really knows matrimonial law. He does not waste your time and helps you not to waste his which saves you money. Tony is personable, supportive and a pleasure to work with, as well.

- Andy, a Divorce client (5 star review)

Excellent lawyer

Genuine, ethical, responsive and effective. Calm and controlled personality, but tough when necessary. I would hire Tony again, and recommend him highly.

- Cynthia, a Divorce client (5 star review)

Great choice of an attorney

Tony Yovino is an excellent matrimonial attorney. He is consistent, calm, professional, and well respected amongst lawyers and judges. I am a father of 3, Tony was able to get me custody of my kids which is very rare. Personnel in the office are very responsive and helpful. Great choice for an unfortunate situation such as a divorce.

- Chris, a Divorce client (5 star review)

Mr. A. Yovino

Mr. Yovino was a true professional, taking the time to accept calls to answer my questions and if he was unavailable he always returned my calls. He helped guide me through a very difficult time and I would recommend him to anyone interested in a hiring a lawyer.

- Divorce client (5 star review)

Smart, knowledgeable, fair and reliable

My only regret is that I didn’t find Tony Yovino earlier in my divorce saga. After wasting much time and money on trial with a second rate hack, I was referred to Tony Yovino by an attorney friend. Tony’s professional handling of my case was in sharp contrast to my original attorney. He is smart, personable, very knowledgeable and was instrumental in settling the case. His billing practices are very fair – I highly recommend him.

- Glenn, a Divorce client (5 star review)

TDC Review of Anthony Yovino

Tony was great—I had a very difficult divorce with a unethical opposing lawyer. Tony continuously preached to me to keep myself out of the gutter like them He made reasonable proposals that could be reviewed and considered. He did not make idiotic proposal that were sure to be rejected. He prepped for each meeting and he counter her lawyer at just about each step.

I would highly recommend him to anybody

- Tony DC, a Divorce client (5 star review)

The Best Lawyer

I have nothing but the best to say about Mr. Yovino. I am very fortunate to have him as my lawyer. He is understanding, well spoken and very experienced.

- Kiu, a Divorce client (5 star review)

You won’t find a more capable, ethical, and hard-working lawyer out there

Anthony was my divorce attorney 10 years ago. I was completely satisfied with his work. When I had a child custody dispute pop up last year, there was no one else I would have considered turning to. He consistently proved himself to be sharp, well-prepared and tenacious.

On multiple occasions, Anthony’s calm and steady demeanor helped dissolve very tense situations. He could, however, jump on the offensive very aggressively when necessary.

Anthony was always very conscious of what my costs were. We would have upfront discussions about the risks and costs of each strategy. At no time did I feel like he pushed a direction that wasn’t solely in my best interest.

As a testament to his ability, even my ex-wife recommended him to a friend of hers a few years after our divorce.

- Gabriel, a Child Custody client (5 star review)

This is a very professional, user-friendly firm! The attorneys I worked with were very knowledgeable, easy to work with and helpful. I got the results I wanted and would definitely recommend them to others. They’re also fierce litigators and negotiators. I was very satisfied with my experience of working with them.

- former Divorce client (5 star review)

Gary really cares, and takes care of his clients before, during and after the divorce. He is not only a great attorney, but he is also a beautiful human being; hard to come by in this field. I remember choosing him for his compassion and reputation. It was a heart wrenching life experience and I needed someone I could trust that would consider my family, circumstances, feelings and take care of me, and that other attorneys and judges respect. That was Gary! I am several years past my divorce and he still cares about me and my children, still helps me with issues that arise, and still keeps in touch. I am doing so well today, and Gary was a big part of helping me get to this place!

- former client, Lisa C.

I was legally divorced years ago by another lawyer who did not help me get a settlement that would work for my children and myself. I was introduced to Gary and he took the time to review all the details of my case in a brief time and took on my case post settlement. He was so kind and generous with his time and really took control and worked on just the details that needed to be focused on and not waste time or money!!!!! He not only was great in court, but had so much care for the needs for my family. I wish I went to him from the start. I would have saved so much stress and money. The entire office staff and his secretary were always ready to help. My life has changed because of Gary and I am able to move forward.

- Posted by former client, Susie K.

Professional through and through

While always maintaining his professionalism, Andrew carries not only an air of authority but also practicality. While he is completely willing to draw his legal gun and shoot it out, he clearly knows that cooler and, more importantly, smarter heads prevail. His frankness, tenacity, and expertise is rarely found in the matrimonial arena

- Tom, a Prenuptials client (5 star review)

I Recommend This Very Experienced and Reliable Attorney

Andrew Blum represented me in my divorce. He was very thorough and articulated well-prepared arguments defending my interests. I found him to be respectful and patient when he had to educate me on realistic expectations under difficult circumstances. I had some very unique challenges, but he remained interested in helping me achieve my personal goals and was fully invested in the best possible outcome. I felt he maintained perspective and never set me up with false hope, which is important in the unpredictable environment of divorce. Now, successfully divorced, I appreciate how he strategized my case by paying attention to details that proved critical to the endurance of the court’s decisions. Mr. Blum committed his talent and expertise to safeguard my future – I highly recommend him.

- Divorce client (5 star review)

Professional, direct, and a good guide for your legal issues

Bob picked up my case after my previous attorney dropped way too many balls. Bob picked up the pieces, developed a strategy, and helped me understand where my ex-husband was coming from on key issues so we knew how to counteract. He was realistic with me, but relentless on key issues and his staff was responsive, professional, and helpful.

- Divorce client (5 star review)

Andrew Blum of TBC&Y Partners review

I just wanted to thank Andrew Blum for his experience and knowledge. A divorce is something you obviously don’t always plan for, but I will say the lawyer requires a fair amount of research. Andrew was found by referral and I was certainly fortunate. Preparation was the key. He was knowledgeable and always prepared, but even more important accessible and responsive. I was pleased with a more creative solution and outcome. I also was pleased with his staff and Para legal assistance. I would highly recommend Andrew Blum.

- Mike, a Divorce client (5 star review)

Gary Tabat is an attorney that gets the job done and really cares. Most attorneys are ambivalent and seem to just want your money. Gary is the exception, and he is exceptional. I am so grateful I found Gary at the most difficult time. His compassion was so needed. He cared about me and my children and our circumstances. Gary is an attorney you want to be friends with after!!

- former Divorce client (5 star review)

Bob Cohen

Bob Cohen is a leader in his area of law. He’s bright, result driven, fair yet a shark and great to work with! I would and have recommended him to others in need of a top notch and compassionate attorney.

- Divorce client (5 star review)

Andy Blum is a very good lawyer and an even better person.

I used Andy for my divorce and I will be forever grateful to him. Divorce is the most horrible thing that you can go through. Thanks to Andy I forged through it and came across as well as can be expected. His reassurance and guidance were much needed, and he delivered admirably. The office staff was also a pleasure. Always there with pleasant greetings and smiles. Happy to fax me things that I misplaced or lost. Or offering me beverages. I highly recommend at least consulting with Andy. You will be thrilled you did.

- Pat, a Divorce client (5 star review)

Attorney Review

I have worked with Mr. Cohen as a financial expert and have found him to be extremely knowledgeable as it relates to financial matters. In those instances where we have gone to trial, he is well prepared and an extreme advocate for his client. As an expert with the experience of over 100 trials, I would much rather be on his side than against him!

- Louis, a Divorce client (5 star review)

Intelligence Matters, Thank you Andrew

I filed for divorce in 2006 with Andrew Blum as my attorney. My father, a trial attorney and my mother living in Miami Fl. recommended Mr. Blum to me. Not knowing what to expect in a matrimonial action, I was very impressed by the effort, forethought and attention to detail made on my case. This was not a typical divorce case as my ex-husband pulled every stunt in the book including fighting for custody of the kids numerous times. My ex was also cited in contempt numerous times for non payment of child support. . Through this whole process Andrew and his team provided excellent knowledge and leadership in the court room. I do not know what I would have done without Andrew’s representation.

- Divorce client (5 star review)

He has heart but his strategy, knowledge and seriousness makes him great at playing hard ball when he has to

Bob Cohen was my divorce attorney after a 28 year marriage. When I went to him I was petrified about something so foreign to me and mostly choosing the right attorney. The death of a marriage whether it was good or bad is so painful and the development overwhelming. Do your homework in choosing your lawyer but with the utmost sincerity I feel by choosing Bob you will be in such good hands. Once we got started I felt protected and at ease having him in my corner. He knows his field and he knows people, he will not sugar coat things but will really look at all angles and will consult with you about all the specifics to get the best end results. He has heart but his strategy, knowledge and seriousness makes him great at playing hard ball when he has to. Just on a side note a lot of emotions make people seek revenge or maybe the opposite feel like they want to give it all up and as a result it ends up costing you more pain and money. If you do choose Bob he will be fair with you and not drag things on but you really have to hear his advice on what he feels he can accomplish and what the ramifications will be. If you become a team you will find that his forthrightness will make the unfortunate experience manageable. Even at the end my x conceded and respected his defense. He is simply one of the best. Good Luck

- joanne, a Divorce client (5 star review)

Standard for Excellence…

No where will you find a more dedicated and intelligent attorney. He is a master of his craft. My case lasted two and a half years and went to trial, never did I feel alone or unprepared for each step of the most trying time of my life. Andrew prepares for trial like no other I have ever come across and leaves no stone unturned. He is beyond well prepared and he has the respect of many other attorneys and experts in the field. Andrew has the talent of seeing the intimate details and the whole picture of the proceedings and advises wisely. Andrew is with you every step of the way, calls returned promptly, emails and concerns are addressed right away. He is fair and straight forward, no false promises. He “lives” the case he is working with and is worlds above other attorneys I have used before. He prepares way beyond the fees that he charges and handles your case as if you were his best friend. I am indebted to Andrew for his victory in my most difficult custody case as all of the “cards” (so to speak) were stacked against me. There isn’t a day that goes by that I am not thankful to him for his handling of my case.

- Jennifer, a Child Custody client (5 star review)

Strong Recommendation

Bob is excellent. He is intelligent, savvy, professional, attentive and most importantly, he tells it like it is. I am so glad I hired him every single day. Every time I have to walk into court or handle an issue, I have complete confidence in his advice. Bob knows what he’s doing at all times – and dealing with the unexpected seems to be a specialty of his. I cannot recommend him highly enough. He is brilliant.

- Child Custody client (5 star review)

Thanks Liz

Thanks Liz for your attentiveness and compassion. We are not done yet, but I am happy so far.

- Divorce client (5 star review)

The Best Lawyer Ever

Andrew Blum has been my lawyer since 4/07. Two years in matermanal suprere court, ten months on trial for custody, Andrew Blum's knowledge,and patience got me through this experience. It ended with me receiving full custody and all decision making for the children. I’ve been back to court between family and supreme, post judgement, eight times, all of which have been dismissed thanks to Andrew Blum's abilities as a excellent lawyer. My case has been a great undertaking considering the many crazy accusations in both courts my x-husband has falsely accused me of. Andrew has always explained everything to me so I can understand the legal terms. I have already sent him a good friend of mine who he has also taken good care of. I would recommend him highly to all.

- Nancy, a Child Custody client (5 star review)

5 star attorney….for sure

Excellent atty, trustworthy, understanding, honest and a hard worker on your behalf,also ex staff….didn’t mind paying him…trusted him completely….I would recommend him without a doubt…..

- Paul, a Divorce client (5 star review)

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